Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Geoff O'Connell Chairman OFT Group Geoff, born in South Africa, is the Founder and Chairman of the OFT Group and has been involved in the oversight of the Group's development Strategy, Management and Business vertical incubator development since 1995.

He is also responsible for the Marie O’Connell Foundations activities and strategic direction.

Charles Lumsden CEO OFT Group Charles, who has gained extensive experience in the International Commercial banking and Investment arena, joined the Group during 2016.

He manages our Group’s various business interests, investment activities and centralized SBU management support which is extended to all our members.

Grant Whitaker COO - Process, Chemical and Marine Grant joined OFT during 2009 and manages our Sentratek Holdings Group and Legacy Marine Group interests across Africa.

He has served on various International authorities as a Chemical Formulation and Process Specialist with over 25 years of experience in Production processes, Specialty chemical formulation and Process management applications.

Olaf Angloher COO - HVAC, Energy and Refrigeration Olaf after gaining extensive experience in the Commercial banking services sector has worked with the Group since 2003 and today heads up our Energy, Refrigeration and AC divisions internationally.

He has extensive experience in the Procurement, Consolidation and Exporting of a range of OEM Equipment, Raw Materials, Spares and related Contracting materials.

Natasha Swanepoel CLO - Legal Services Natasha, a professional attorney heads up our teams Corporate Legal Services, IR, Risk and Compliance functions.

She specializes in constructive corporate litigation and legal services to streamline and expedite our commercial functions while still providing our members and clients with the full spectrum of legal services and guidance.

Carl Davis OFTP - Group Procurement and Logistics Carl, a professional accountant, who joined the OFT team during 2004 has gained immense experience in various technical Contracting and Project management fields oversees our Groups Centralized Procurement services.

These include managing the Group's procurement negotiations, control systems, logistics and centralized cost auditing

Samantha Taylor OFT Cost Accounting and MIS Sam who started with OFT during 2007 as our Cost and Management accounting head manages our Group's Management Information and Statutory compliance systems.

Petro Jacobs OFT Human Capital Development Services Petro has since 2010 assisted our management teams through providing HR Information Services, IR services and various Human Capital development programs.

Bev Taag OFT Hospitality Services Bev who joined the Group during 2004 assists our management teams with their hospitality and communication requirements and is one of the founding members of the MOC foundation.


"The achievements of our organisation are the results of the combined efforts of each individual doing everything in their power to positively influence productivity and profitability"