Our Company

Our Group was established during 1995 by Geoff O'Connell and has grown from its humble beginning to consist of 22 specialist business divisions.

Our head offices are based in South Africa and we have been building a special business that knows that the way we live and do business is changing like never before.Our business is driven and managed by a passionate and vastly experienced group of individuals which provides the foundation to deliver exceptional results for the Group, our business associates and clients.

The Group provides its members with centralized corporate governance, management, and business support services through its subsidiary OFT Holdings while technical and projects management Consulting is provided through OFT Projects.

The catalyst for our growth and sustainability is the unwavering support of our stakeholders, technology partners, clients and team members who are passionate believers in our manner of conducting business.

While we honestly do not claim to be all things, to all people, it is our team’s approach to creating and developing technical services, manufacturing and supply solutions that has earned our members a proud reputation for tenacity, honesty, service and innovation in our endeavours to date.

Our OFT Emblem

The OFT official Logo is known as "Felix" and is a Lions head which denotes the power of a Lion groups pride dynamics which are evident in our business and ethics.